OpenCities Map

OpenCities Map

GIS and Mapping Software

OpenCities Map mainly involves complete GIS tools. It helps you create and aggregate a 3D model of your assets. The application helps you to quickly add semantic information to features in your reality mesh and consume information from various design disciplines. OpenCities Map includes high level capabilities to maintain your reality data and model your assets. The software also helps you to build a digital twin of the city and allows stakeholders of city departments to make well-informed decisions.

The application also provides interoperability capabilities and a collection of thoughtful data standards. Directly edit features in spatial databases like Oracle Spatial, SQL Server, and PostGIS. OpenCities Map offers a strong, yet flexible, application program interface (API) with high-level geospatial functionality to increase application performance and reduce development time. Moreover, you can work with hundreds of additional file formats using optional FME integration.


  • Mapping and GIS
  • Map Manager
  • XML Feature Modeling
  • Geospatial Administrator
  • Choice of Data Stores
  • Data Capture and Maintenance
  • Geographic Coordinate Systems
  • Oracle Spatial Editing
  • SQL Server Spatial Editing
  • PostGIS Editing
  • Measurement Capabilities and Linear Adjustment
  • Support for Reality Meshes
  • Presentation and Analysis
  • Map Generation and Printing
  • Interoperability
  • GIS Development Platform
  • Field Access Support