msSu & msSu.Net

Water Networks and Transmission Lines Hydraulic Modelling Software

Water networks and Transmission lines hydraulic design and dynamic modelling software for one or multi source networks. msSu & msSu.Net involve local and international standards and tools for your numerous projects.

Simulation with time patterns, scenarios management , fire flow, DMA design and leakage analyses tools with various reporting tools will support and enrich your new and existing network modelling projects.


  • Design Network and Transmission lines.
  • Runs on MicroStation CE, OpenCities Map Powerview CE, OpenRoads Designer CE.
  • Automatic Element Placement and Labeling
  • DTM tools for Elevation extractions
  • One Click element modificiations like splitting, rejoining the elements
  • Store information not only in graphics but also in database
  • Import/Export tools for data exhange with other environments.
  • Data export to dwg file format and work with standart Cad formats like dgn, dwg, shp files.
  • Attach vector, raster files, work with Google Earth, Bing Maps online.
  • User defined parameters and settings like pipe catalogs, design parameters, formulas etc.
  • Transmission Lines automatic Longitudinal Profiles
  • Design and optimize pipe diameter of the network pipes.
  • Steady State and Extended Period Simulation Analysis
  • Simulations of the network system using Time Patterns
  • Dynamic Hydraulic design calculations
  • Clash Detections (Superpositions) of network systems
  • Pressure Zone Management
  • Districted Metered Areas (DMA) Design and Reporting
  • Water Quality and Water Age Analysis
  • FireFlow Analysis
  • Leakage Modeling
  • Thematic mapping with property-based color-coding, symbology, and annotations
  • Scenario Management
  • Detailed Reporting and Print tools.
  • Automatic Sheet Preparation for print outputs with standart Company Title Blocks.
  • EPA software data import/export
  • 3D Modeling and presentation of network system