BGS Software



Water networks and Transmission lines hydraulic design and dynamic modelling software for one or multi source networks. msSu & msSu.Net involve local and international standards and tools for your numerous projects. Simulation with time patterns, scenarios management , fire flow, DMA design and leakage analyses tools with various reporting tools will support and enrich your new and existing network modelling projects.

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Sewer and Drainage Networks Design and Hydraulic Modelling Software. Using msKanal you may design new networks and verify existing networks hydraulically within default and user defined parameters and settings. Place, calculate, design and model in one environment.

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BGS_Utilities; is basically a stand-alone software developed to make cut and fill volume calculations for highway/railway constructions, open mines and stocking works. Types of data that can be utilized includes LandGML, Point Cloud and Reality Model related formats.

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