Advanced Processing for Reality Model&Imagery


Descartes CONNECT Edition is a very powerful application for integrating and processing reality modeling data such as reality meshes, point clouds, scalable terrain models, and raster data for use in information modeling workflows.


  • Comprises Microstation CAD Capabilities
  • Work with Reality Meshes, Point clouds and Raster Images
  • Produce and Work with Large, Scalable Terrain Models
  • Editing of Reality Meshes
  • Automatic Ground Extraction
  • Breakline extraction
  • Efficient 3D modeling by using sections and templates
  • Mesh classification to enrich mesh with data from many sources
  • Orthoimage extraction on any axis
  • Generation and manipulation of cross sections
  • Production of 3D PDFs and iModels
  • Vector to Raster and Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Retouch color raster images
  • Cleanup binary raster images
  • Register raster images
  • Thematic display of Digital Elevation Models
  • Point Cloud Classification and editing
  • Linear Feature Extraction
  • Point-cloud colorization from orthophotos
  • Image draping on DTM
  • Creation of fly-throughs and animations
  • Creation of 3D PDFs
  • Seamless integration with LumenRT for real-time, immersive presentations
  • Support for traffic animation
  • Solar and shading analysis