DMA Design, planning and hydraulic modelling

DMA Design, Planning and Hydraulic Modelling

BGS Automatic DMA(Isolated Sub-Zones )Design

Increasing population and urbanization in the past few decades has led to exponential increase in the use of water. This increase in the demand calls for water networks to be highly efficient as well as highly measurable.

District Metered Areas (DMAs, also called sectorization) is one of the most promising methods of improving the water supply qualitatively and quantitatively. Non-Revenue Water, commonly known as NRW is a big challenge before the public bodies who supply water to a cluster of users. DMAs help to improve water supply qualitatively and quantitatively and they can help us reduce the NRW.

BGS Automatic DMA (Isolated Sub-Zones) Design

Fully automatic separation of a drinking water network into isolated sub-zones. Analysis of the hydrological structure of the existing network, creating a number of DMAs (isolated sub-regions) to be determined with minimum changes (cost) in line with this analysis, thus making the use, pressure and other values of the network measurable and controllable.