Drainage Networks Design and Modelling

Drainage Networks Design and Modelling

Effective wastewater management plays a critical role in both flood hazard mitigation and public health through the prevention of disease. Wastewater is generated through domestic, agricultural and industrial processes, and requires treatment to remove human source based contaminants prior to reuse or release back into the natural water cycle. Sewerage networks comprise the physical infrastructure of pipes, manholes, pumps, screens and channels that convey wastewater to sewerage treatment works for cleaning.

BGS msKanal software offers:

Calculation, Design and modeling of Wastewater and Drainage Network. Supports international standards and localization for different countries.

Flood Modeling part, provide Dynamic Modeling of Wastewater and Stormwater Networks with Time and analysis risky areas.

Thanks to dynamic modeling, it will be possible to reduce and prevent damage to be.