Geospatial Network Modeling for Gas Distribution

Geospatial Network Modelling for Gas Distribution

GIS helps in asset management by locating pipeline assets such as main and service lines by tracking their coordinates and calculating their relative distances.

Leak management and analysis is swifter as GIS provides faster response time in case of a leak or an accident, by sharing the information of the incident to the response team.

GIS stores consumer data and various thematic maps can be prepared to identify future potential consumers and plan the pipeline network accordingly.

Study of demand and supply of consumers through survey and mapping can help in the expansion planning of the pipeline network and prediction of the future growth can be accessed.

To produce calculations such as pressure, inlet quantity of the gas etc., as well as to generate maps and BoM showing various design parameters at all nodes and lines.

Flexibility to change the design to suit the site conditions.

Ability to manually adjust the automatically calculated locations.

Plan route to ensure maximum reach with minimum length.

Reduce the network design time.