3D Building Modelling

3D Building Modelling

We provide necessary tools for 3D building vectorization based on airborne point cloud (ALS or photogrammetric) data or even 2D blueprints. The 3D vector models are created automatically but for higher accuracy, they can be modified manually with dedicated tools. These tools not only ensure that the topology of a building model is preserved and also let users to complete it with semantic data.

According to the common way for describing building models, the models of BGS are at level-of-detail (LOD) 2. In LOD 2, roof shapes and the overall structure of roofs are represented but walls are just plain vertical polygons. The models of this detail level can be achieved automatically. For higher levels of detail semi-automatic tools are supplied.

As alternative to point cloud data, BGS can also utilize line elements for the creation of 3D building models. The line elements must represent different types of roof edges, such as outer edges, internal edges along elevation jumps, and intersection lines, and they must form a closed line work for each building.

BGS can also utilize 2D blueprint quality raster building plans to create complete 3D building models including semantic data.