Digital Twins

By going digital, cities embrace a data-driven approach from planning to performance, enabling digital twins for managing and operating city infrastructure, for urban planning and project visualization and for modeling and simulation to support infrastructure resilience and to collaborate with stakeholders and residents. All stakeholders–from city departments, to the city ecosystem, to its citizens–benefit from a collaborative approach to city infrastructure and services.

A digital city provides an integrated above- and below-ground information model of the city comprising the built environment and utility infrastructure.

Why Cities Need Digital Twins:

  • Share trusted information across city departments and with the design and construction ecosystem to support infrastructure from planning through performance
  • Unify and integrate multiple siloed data sources
  • Systematically track, manage, and visualize change
  • Produce actionable insights for key decision makers
  • Enable high-performing and collaborative teams
  • Engage all stakeholders and the public