Water Loss and Leakage Analysis

Water Loss and Leakage Hydraulic Analysis

Water loss is defined as the difference between water pumped into system and billed water.

Water loss occurs in every water distribution system during its overall operational lifetime.

It causes not only additional operating costs but also has negative social and ecological impacts.

Reducing water loss is one of the most important ways to improve the resource efficiency of water supply services. Besides the societal and environmental issues of water scarcity, water availability, and energy consumption, leakage in water distribution systems can cause technical problems for the water providers. A high level of leakage is usually linked with aged infrastructure, and thus it is linked with a higher rate of pipe bursts. Bursts and leaks in the network affect its reliability, service continuity, and risk of contamination. Moreover, operating and modeling the network accurately and reliably is more difficult if there is a lot of leakage.