Elementor #11069

Context Capture

Advanced Reality Modeling Software

ContextCapture enables you to use ordinary photographs to cost effectively produce 3D models of the most challenging existing conditions for every infrastructure project. For additional accuracy, adding point clouds from laser scans results in fine details, sharp edges, and geometric precision. You can quickly create and use these highly detailed 3D reality meshes to provide precise real-world context for design, construction, and operations decisions throughout the lifecycle of projects. ContextCapture allows you to reliably and quickly produce 3D models of any scale, from objects of a few centimeters to entire cities. The precision of the resulting 3D model is only limited by the image resolution you use.


  • Perform Automatic Aerotriangulation and 3D Reconstruction
  • Integrate Georeferenced Data
  • Work with Point Clouds
  • Produce and Work with Large, Scalable Terrain Models
  • Generate 3D CAD Models
  • Publish and View Web-ready Models
  • Parallel (Cluster) Processing
  • Detect and Locate Objects using 3D Machine-learning Technology
  • QR code: 3D spatial registration of assets
  • Reality Modeling Cloud Services
  • ContextCapture Mobile
  • Multiple camera project management
  • Infrared/thermal imagery Support
  • Video Support
  • Quality Report & Display Quality Metrics
  • Touch-up capabilities
  • DTM Extraction
  • Cross-sections
  • Point cloud filtering and classification
  • Breaklines extraction
  • Contour Line Creation
  • Volume Calculation
  • Large Scale Output Format
  • Animations (fly-through video generation)
  • Free ContextCapture Viewer